Sam Cox

Digital product designer currently building products from vision to final pixels at WillowTree.

Working for global brands like Anheuser-Busch, Bloomberg, and TD Bank, my days involve bringing stakeholders together through strategic and creative workshops, planning design research, collaborating with engineers and product managers, and of course, getting into Figma to generate everything from wireframes to final pixels.
Clients include
• Anheuser-Busch
• Bloomberg L.P.
• Gates Foundation
• Google
• TD Bank



M360 is an iPad app that helps beverage sales reps manage their work days. I helped Anheuser-Busch rethink how their app could increase sales by providing reps with data driven product recommendations and helping them manage their sales targets.

Full case study ︎︎︎
User research
Design concepts
Design  validation
High fidelity designs

Timeline & Team
3 Months / 1 Designer / 1 Researcher

Business Logic
M360 increases product sales by giving beverage sales reps accurate information on local product demand.

The Daily Rundown
The home screen focuses on the tasks each rep should prioritize for the day.

Layout support from Doug Ransdell
Route Overview
Reps expressed a need for an overview of their entire route. The route overview shows key account metrics so reps can prioritize their day.
Account Objectives
Within each account, I highlighted the rep’s progress towards their monthly sales objectives in addition to providing relevant sales metrics to help them achieve their goals.



TELUS is Canada’s premiere telecommunications company offering internet, cable, and phone services to 18 million Canadians.

From August ‘23–April ‘24, I led the design of SmartEnergy, the home energy management portion of TELUS’ smart home app. Working towards a Canadian beta launch, I collaborated with product managers and engineers to define and deliver the must-have features for launch.

Full case study ︎︎︎
Feature concepting
Feature delivery
Research planning
Research synthesis

Timeline & Team
9 months / 2 Designers / 4 Developers / 1 Program manager

Business logic
Customers pay a subscription fee, in turn, SmartEnergy helps them save money on their energy bills. Based on their customer’s energy saving routines, TELUS then sells grid management solutions to utility providers who pay to reduce strain on their grids.

Design logic
SmartEnergy is designed to help customers save money by providing insight into when and where they are using energy, and then leading them towards energy saving actions and smart home automations.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Investment Tracker

In partnership with RTI International and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, I designed a web application that visualizes and tracks nearly $400 million worth of agricultural investments.

Used by Bill Gates and senior Foundation staff, The Agricultural Development Investment Tracker will move the needle on inclusive agricultural transformation around the world.
Information architecture

Timeline & Team
1.5 years / 1 Designer / 1 Developer / 1 Economist / 1 Project Manager

Information architecture
A large part of my work consisted of unraveling and understanding exactly how the Foundation conceptualized their work.
I spent a couple of months in a paper wireframe stage, working on exactly how the tool would flow.
We launched the web tool in 2020 with a basic suite of tools for charting and monitoring investment impacts against key indicators.


Sustainability Reporting

Each year, Bloomberg L.P. releases an interactive report reviewing their progress on sustainability initiatives. Over my two year tenure working on Bloomberg Sustainability, I contributed design, storytelling, data visualization, and UI and UX to multiple digital editions of the report. Below is a selection of my work on the projects.
Information architecture
Data visualization
UI and UX

Timeline & Team 2 years / 2 Designers / 1 Creative director

A bit about me

I began my career on the UX team at Lenovo where I got my first look at how enterprise software is built. Seeking a challenge, I moved to NYC where I worked for several design studios on everything from brands, to signage systems, to digital products.

After running my own agency for six years, I joined the global design consultancy WillowTree︎︎︎ where I design products for some of the world's biggest brands.

Outside of product design, I'm a huge map and data visualization nerd and have worked with institutions across the world on map design projects. My current obsession is documentary film and my work has screened at Duke and Oxford Universities as well as film festivals around the world. You can check out my first feature documentary about a Russian Orthodox Monastery in West Virginia right here︎︎︎.

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